Ritmo version history

Version 1.1.1

  • fixed a freeze, introduced in Ritmo 1.1, that happened when moving between instruments in the Ritmo editor interface when running the version of CoreAudio before QuickTime 6.4
  • implemented a workaround for the MIDI learn context menu in Digital Performer 4.1
  • voice indicators no longer get stuck with high sample rates and in certain other situations

Version 1.1

  • fixed a crash during startup when QuickTime 6.4 was installed, or when run on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
  • fixed some issues related to the initialisation and cleanup cycle
  • added hidden preference for the maximum sample time in seconds; you can set this value with the following command in the Terminal (replace "30" with your own maximum sample time):
    defaults write com.manyetas.Ritmo MaxSampleTime -float 30
  • added several new sample drum kits
  • including Logic 5.5 presets for sample drum kits, converted with Logic Preset Converter (see http://www.manyetas.com/lpc.html)
  • added MIDI Learn capability to assign arbitrary MIDI controllers to sliders on a per-instrument basis
  • updated the manual

Version 1.0.4

  • playing a single instrument rapidly, where a successive note starts before the sample stops playing from the previous note (thus restarting the voice), will no longer cause clicks or pops to occur. this was most noticeable with sine waves, like kick drums.
  • the velocity of a note on a restarted instrument voice is no longer ignored
  • fixed several possible crashes when loading files with various sample rates
  • fixed a handful of minor internal bugs and memory leaks
  • improved compliance with Apple's AudioUnit specification
  • increased maximum delay time to 2.5 seconds (from 2.0 seconds)

Version 1.0.3

  • added a popup menu to the file browser through which you can select the audio device on which sample auditions will be heard
  • clicking on the instrument select button for the currently selected instrument will now preview that instrument
  • handles the master volume and all notes off MIDI controllers
  • handles MIDI pitch bend, which is applied to all instruments
  • demo mode can save presets now
  • fixed a crash that occurred under certain circumstances after you unloaded Ritmo, if it was operating in demo mode
  • fixed an issue where editing a sample name or note and switching to a different instrument without first ending editing in the field would cause the change to be lost
  • corrected a problem where panning an instrument right when it was sent to a mono output would cause the instrument's volume to fade away
  • other bug fixes and internal improvements

Version 1.0.2

  • Filter Resonance is now labeled correctly (no longer "MIDI Note") in the Logic Audio Controls mode (or any other generic parameter view)
  • fixed issues with moving a preset from the computer it was created on to another. previously, sample files would not be found. now the files can be found in almost all circumstances, making it very easy to share drum kits with other users
  • greatly improved how the amplifier velocity response parameter works
  • increased the default amplifier velocity response to 75%
  • envelope lengths now correctly scale with the pitch

Version 1.0.1

  • the about pane draws correctly now
  • updated about pane a bit, including adding the version number to it
  • added fading for demo mode

Version 1.0

  • fixed crashes caused by auditioning in the file browser
  • the current value of a slider will now appear next to it while the mouse is held
  • improved automation support for the sliders. previously, once a slider was touched, automation may have been recorded indefinitely (if in record mode).
  • added a workaround for a bug in Logic 5.5 that caused a crash with a multi-channel instance. unfortunately, this bug in Logic makes it impossible to use multi-channel AudioUnits. they will only work in Logic 6 and above.
  • fixed the instrument gain minimum value label to be the correct "-36"
  • now performing a proper equal power crossfade for the delay wet/dry mix
  • fixed a problem where panning an instrument hard right would cause notes for the instrument to get stuck and not produce any sound until it was panned any amount towards the left
  • removed DC offset from built-in samples and trimmed silence where possible
  • made the waveform 10% darker
  • stereo waveforms are now drawn correctly
  • envelopes now use exponential curves
  • compiled with latest AudioUnit SDK from Apple
  • corrected the trigger modes for the "707 Snare2" and "606 Mid Hat" instruments
  • fixed an old bug that caused samples files to be saved in presets for instruments to didn't actually have a file selected

Version 1.0b6

  • stability improvements to multi-out support
  • limited all access of samples files (auditioning and as instruments) to the first 20 seconds of the file to prevent hogging memory or possible disk thrashing by trying to load very large files
  • auditioning is now stopped when you close the file browser
  • the MIDI note to instrument map is now correctly updated when loading a preset
  • when MIDI listen is turned on for a particular instrument, sending Ritmo a note that is already assigned to a different instrument will cause the two to swap notes and turn off MIDI listen. in the past, the note would have been ignored and MIDI listen left on.
  • automation support has been improved for the non-slider controls
  • changed the MIDI Note field to present notes in note name form (as C#4, D1, etc.)
  • improved how the mute buttons are updated due to automation or other changes not as a direct result of user action

Version 1.0b5

  • multi-out support
  • added sample auditioning in the file browser, as well as displaying info about the selected audio file
  • changed the built-in 606 kit to use GM note numbers
  • added some instruments from the 808 and 707 to fill in some holes in the GM kit
  • fixed the default trigger modes for instruments in Bank B
  • fixed truncation of the instrument name to make it fit in the instrument buttons
  • made the instrument mutes a parameter so it can be recorded in automation (was a property)
  • fixed many crashes in the editor on dual processor machines