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Streamlined AudioUnit drumsampler plug-in for Mac OS X

New! Ritmo 1.1.1 is now available!
    - Adds MIDI Controller Learn capability
    - Several new sample drum kits
    - Plus bug fixes
    - See all changes in version 1.1.1
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Download demo (5.7 MB)
Version 1.1.1 - 27 Oct 2003
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Electronic demo track - 1.6 MB MP3 format, 1'47 (or 1.4 MB Ogg Vorbis)
The demo track was constructed entirely in Logic Audio, with all percussion done solely using Ritmo. The only effect applied to the drums is compression. The delay is Ritmo's built-in tempo-synced delay.

RitmoCello demo - 1.5 MB MP3 format, 1'39 (or 1.5 MB Ogg Vorbis)
This great demo composed by Claire Fitch combines Ritmo with excellent Cello playing.

Ritmo is designed for every day percussion use. It has the features most useful for drum sample playback, while giving you enough features and flexibility to bring your samples to life. At the same time, the interface is kept clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. Because Ritmo is specifically for percussion, the sound of each instrument, like the filter, can be controlled independantly, something not possible with some software samplers.

Included with Ritmo is a set of free drum kits, including one created by electronic artist Eight Frozen Modules.

Ritmo is available for only US$25 or €25. The demo will fade out the sound for a bit every 60 seconds, but is otherwise fully functional.

Ritmo screenshot


  • Audio Unit plug-in format
  • 24 instruments per instance
  • Flexible sample playback engine
  • 32-bit internal processing
  • Multiple output support
  • Multimode filter
  • AR envelope generator
  • Tempo-syncable delay for each instrument
  • Automatable mutes for each instrument
  • MIDI controller learning for any slider


  • Mac OS X 10.2 or later.
  • An AudioUnit host application. See this list of currently available hosts.*
  • Love of music and desire to have fun.

* Either Logic 5.5.1 or Logic 6.1 and above is required for Ritmo to work properly with the Emagic Logic. Also, please note that Ritmo will not work with Cubase SX or other VST-only hosts.